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"Gave a 100 gram pack of Pure to my boyfriend for his birthday—he LOVED it! Thank you!" -Jennie P. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Get Smarter

Pure’s sky-high levels of inositol strengthen neural connections and boost your nervous system.

Live Longer

Pure combats kidney stones, defends against osteoporosis, and increases iron absorption, helping you stay stronger and live longer.

Feel Better

Pure enhances your cells’ mitochondria directly, giving you a long-lasting energy boost without the caffeine crash.

Delicious Flavor

Pure is naturally sweet, rich, and creamy, so you can say no to milk and sugar.

Zero Pesticides

That’s why we call it Pure—every one of our beans is shade-grown and pesticide-free.

100% Wild

Sustainability is our top priority, so we collect all of our beans from the droppings of wild civets.

"I’ve tried a lot of kopi luwak, but yours is definitely the best. Very fresh and excellent quality beans. I’ll be buying again soon." - Anton W. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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What is kopi luwak coffee?
Kopi luwak coffee is the most highly desired coffee in the world because of the odd way it’s made: every kopi luwak coffee bean is first digested by the Asian palm civet cat, a mammal native to southeast Asia. While the beans are inside the civet’s digestive system, they undergo a unique set of chemical processes that make for a markedly healthier, tastier and more exciting coffee.
Where is Pure from?
Pure coffee beans are found in the droppings of wild civet cats on the island of Java, Indonesia. Our farmers find the beans in the civet’s natural droppings, and then bring them back to our facility, where they are washed, dried and roasted before being sent to customers around the world.
Do you use any pesticides on Pure?
Absolutely not – Pure is 100% pesticide-free. We even test every batch to ensure no harmful chemicals from surrounding farms have made their way into Pure. We’re vigilant about avoiding pesticides and keeping the body as clean and pure as possible.
Is Pure vegan?
Yes! Even though every Pure bean has been processed by wild Asian palm civet cats, since we collect the beans from the wild civets’ droppings in their natural habitats, Pure is totally vegan.
Is Pure low in tannins?
Yes. The unique chemical changes our beans undergo cause their tannin content to drop significantly, resulting in a low-tannin coffee that doesn’t discolor the teeth and still tastes great.
What gives Pure its cognitive boost?
Several components of Pure give it its cognitive boost. Perhaps the most obvious boost comes from Pure’s significantly elevated levels of inositol relative to other coffees, which puts your nervous system on overdrive and relays messages through your body more quickly and effectively.
Can I drink Pure if I’m pregnant?
Yes. We’ve taken great care to ensure Pure is completely safe for everyone, including pregnant and new mothers. Since Pure is 100% pesticide-free, it’s one of the safest coffees you can drink.
How much caffeine is in a cup of Pure?
The caffeine content of any coffee depends on a variety of factors like how long the beans are roasted and how you brew the coffee itself. Still, Pure coffee beans have about half the caffeine content of regular coffee beans, which means you get all the delicious flavor without the caffeine crash.
How does Pure give me more energy if there’s so little caffeine?
Pure is packed with malic acid, which increases our pain tolerance and boosts our Krebs cycle, which is responsible for turning proteins, fats and carbohydrates into energy the body can use. As a result, rather than providing energy through up-and-down caffeine, Pure offers a more reliable lift without any crash.
Why does Pure taste better than other coffees?
Pure coffee beans experience several chemical changes within the civet’s digestive system, not the least of which is the leaching of many of the proteins in the coffee bean. Since proteins are what gives coffee its bitter taste, Pure has far fewer bitter notes than most other coffees, giving it a rich, slightly sweet flavor that most people prefer to drink black.
Is Pure a low acid coffee?
Yes. With that said, we should be clear that what we mean by a “low acid coffee” is one devoid of negative/harmful acids, not devoid of all acids. Pure is full of malic acid (which boosts our energy and increases our tolerance to strenuous exercise) and citric acid (which lowers our body’s overall acidity and combats kidney stones and osteoporosis), and is low in the harmful acids you want to avoid.
Will Pure help me lose weight?
Possibly. While Pure is calorie-free and tasty enough on its own that most people drink it without milk or sugar, weight loss is much more complex than a calories-in, calories-out endeavor. If weight loss is your #1 goal, we recommend eating more vegetables, avoiding highly-processed foods and incorporating regular exercise into your routine.
How many calories are in a cup of Pure?
What are the other health benefits of Pure?
Pure is packed with good acids like citric acid and malic acid, has more inositol than any other coffee on the market and has about half the caffeine of other coffees. If you’re still curious, here’s the blog post we wrote on the health benefits of Pure and kopi luwak.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We ship to most countries.

How long will it take for my Pure to arrive?

All orders are shipped out within 1 business day, so you can expect your order to arrive within 5 business days. International orders may take longer to arrive.

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