Pure Kopi Luwak

“You Are Cordially Invited To Join The Tiny Handful Of Coffee Lovers Who Can Enjoy Rare, Fresh-Roasted Kopi Luwak All Year Long”

Jordan Bishop, aka “The Kopi Luwak Hunter,” is one of the world’s most respected authorities on all matters kopi luwak. When it comes to evaluating coffees, he has been described as having a “platinum palate.”

“This coffee is outrageously, insanely bright and flavorful—the best-tasting coffee in the world. But you won’t find it in your supermarket or gourmet store!”

“Here’s why…and how you can reserve your own private supply, shipped direct to your door.”

Announcing Pure Kopi Luwak

Dear Coffee Aficionado:

A major coffee opportunity is at hand. But if you’re interested, you must act quickly.

As I tell all my coffee-loving friends, most coffees, like most waters, taste the same. Sure, there are minor differences between fjord water from Norway vs. spring water from the Alps—just as there are minor differences between coffees from Colombia, Ethiopia, and Guatemala—but 95% of the taste is the same.

If you disagree, you’ve probably never had a truly unique coffee. In fact, most people haven’t—including those who go out of their way to experiment with different types of coffee.

But occasionally, you come across a coffee that shocks your taste buds back to life. One that makes you wonder how such a rich, complex flavor could make its way into your cup. 

And it’s this type of coffee that has baristas, producers and coffee lovers all around the world go crazy—as do I—over kopi luwak. They celebrate its arrival, its vibrant, youthful bloom of heavenly taste and extraordinary health benefits as if it’s liquid gold. These marvelous qualities come from the fermentation process kopi luwak undergoes inside the digestive tract of the civet cat (known in Indonesia as the “luwak”), which is why kopi luwak is superior to any other coffee you’ll ever taste.

The big problem for coffee lovers outside of Indonesia is that only a handful of kopi luwak beans ever make it to us. The vast majority of coffee that finds its way to the U.S. is just regular Arabica beans.

This is why so many of the coffees sold in gourmet stores try to manufacture an angle that will make their beans stand out: they market themselves using adjectives like “full-bodied” and “tangy” and “chocolatey” but don’t have anything unique in their production process that make them taste any different.

Many coffee sellers deliberately use less clear descriptors like “floral” or “spicy” or “nutty” because they know that discriminating coffee lovers always prize a unique taste. But when they all follow the same production techniques, the differences are slight, if not completely unnoticeable.

And that’s why you, just like I used to, have probably been seduced by fancy packaging and pretty labels only to bring home mediocre coffees whose flavors fall short of your expectations time and time again.

“I’m mad at you! You, sir, have spoiled me. This is some of the most beautiful, divine, delicious stuff I have ever experienced…your coffee is nectar of the gods. And now, I find myself actually bringing the beans with me when I travel. Because nothing compares to what you are offering! You’ve ruined any other coffee for me. Keep up the great work!!! Seriously, I love this stuff! With gratitude for having found you!”Danielle Varty, Omaha, NE

You and I Insist on Uniquely Delicious Wine and Uniquely Delicious Cheese. Why Not Uniquely Delicious Coffee?

To me, this is downright unfair! As consumers we insist on uniquely delicious flavors when it comes to wines, cheeses, chocolates, beers. Don’t we also have a right to uniquely delicious coffee? Of course we do! But the coffee industry’s distribution system is designed to get you coffee as inexpensively as possible, resulting in the widespread consumption on our shores of flat, subpar, even stale coffee, regardless of the price you may be willing to pay.

I Was Determined to Find a Solution—And I Did

Several years ago, I was on a research expedition in Java, Indonesia, when I came across of some of the very greatest, freshest, most outrageously delicious coffee in the world. Java is one of the birthplaces of coffee (ever wondered where the word “java” comes from?”), and it’s long been one of the world’s most exciting coffee regions. The coffee I stumbled upon is called kopi luwak.

Not unexpectedly, I learned that kopi luwak hardly ever leaves Indonesia. So I spoke to the farmer to try and cajole him into exporting it…and to see if there were any way he could ship it to the United States immediately by plane instead of the usual, ever-­so­-slow cargo ship method.

“Yes, yes, yes it was that mind-blowing and more! We always serve the kopi luwak when we have guests over. As soon as you open the parcel the aroma is fantastic. It reminds me of when I was a little girl and my grandfather came back from the Far East and he brought back coffee with the same kind of deep, rich scent. Please if I can buy more please let me know.” —Sheila Roberts, Staten Island, NY

He told me that if I paid for the shipping, he would be delighted to do so, but needed a U.S. contact to handle the pesky details of importation, especially if I wanted it shipped by plane, since neither he nor any other producer he knew ever did that.

He floored me by suggesting, “Why don’t you be the first to do it, Jordan? If you’ll be my importer, I’ll send you my absolute best kopi luwak. And I’ll send it not by slow cargo ship, but by plane, so you and your friends in America can taste exactly the same fresh kopi luwak we celebrate at harvest time here in Java.”

This is something I’d never done, or even considered. I checked out the cost of shipping coffee here by plane and, to my surprise, found that for small quantities, the cost is not prohibitive.

I was living in New York City as the Editor-in-Chief of a popular coffee newsletter at the time. Earlier in my career, I had also been a barista. So, thanks to those two jobs, I had access to hundreds of friends and contacts in the coffee industry. I asked them, “Would you be interested in trying authentic fresh­ coffee the likes of which you’ve never tasted?” Many said, “Sure!”

I mulled everything over and thought, “Why not?” This could be an opportunity to bring this outrageously flavorful coffee at long last into the U.S., and I knew it would be a huge hit with my friends.

“I feel that God gives mortal man small tastes of heaven while on Earth and this coffee is one such occasion.” —Mark Matheson, Philadelphia, PA

Where On Earth Did You Get This Stuff?!

Well, their response was overwhelming! My fresh-roasted coffee had created a sensation. Foodies and coffee lovers alike couldn’t get over how much better my mysterious Indonesian coffee tasted than the coffee they were used to drinking…and they wanted more

Now, I say my coffee was “mysterious” because in those early days I never told anyone exactly what they were drinking! I thought that the unusual origin of kopi luwak would turn people off, so I just told them it was a “special” type of coffee I brought back from Indonesia.

But after they tried it once, people started asking me—in some cases, begging!—for more. “Jordan, you’ve spoiled us! You can’t give us a taste of paradise like this and then cut us off. We need more of your kopi luwak! We can’t wait a whole year until you visit again. You must find us more now, please!”

And I found myself daydreaming…“What if I could bring the unique, complex flavors of kopi luwak to the U.S.—and the rest of the world—so that we could enjoy, year round, fresh­-roasted kopi luwak at the peak of its flavor and intensity? And what if I could arrange to have it shipped conveniently right to the front door of anyone who wants it?”

“Is This Even Possible?” I Asked Myself

Agriculturally, yes. Because wild kopi luwak is harvested from the droppings of wild civet cats—who snack on coffee cherries year-round—kopi luwak is one of the only coffees that can be harvested all times of the year.

But what about when the coffee plants aren’t in bloom? No problem, it turns out! Civet cats eat coffee cherries even when they’re out of season. Sure, there’s still some seasonality to kopi luwak, since there are fewer coffee cherries at certain times of the year. But when you consider how rare kopi luwak already is, the fact that we’re always able to secure a supply is remarkable on its own.

And so I did it—I took the plunge. I left my job at the coffee newsletter, jumped in with both feet, became The Kopi Luwak Hunter, and launched our exclusive brand, Pure Kopi Luwak.

As an esteemed recipient of Pure Kopi Luwak, you will experience the highest quality coffee in the world. Each parcel that arrives at your home will be a palate-thrilling adventure in coffee appreciation, the perfect escapade for yourself and the most special coffee lovers in your life.

“Brought some of your kopi luwak to a coffee tasting event last month. There were thirty or forty different types of coffee to try there, from all over the world, but only yours developed a crowd. At the end of the event, the five judges voted on their favorite coffee they tried that day—and all five picked yours! I can’t wait to try next month’s batch—I’m already planning a get-together with some friends for that one!”Tim Roof, San Diego, CA

This announcement is your invitation to join us on this wonderful, ever-so-much-fun adventure in the greatest taste and health benefits that the world’s freshest coffees can bestow. 

Here’s how our coffee makes its way to you.

Every morning, local farmers high in the mountains of Java scour the jungle floor for the droppings of wild civets. They collect the droppings they find, bring them back to the farm, and separate the digested coffee beans from everything else. 

Those coffee beans are then washed (three times!), dried, husked and roasted. 

We specifically have our kopi luwak roasted by local master roasters in Java, who have been drinking kopi luwak for hundreds of years. The locals have developed a special roasting technique (completely unique from the roasting techniques used for other types of coffee) designed to extract the most intense flavors from every bean. And WOW does it ever deliver!

Then, every few weeks, we put that treasured coffee on a jet plane and, after it lands in America, have it shipped express right to your door.

No matter the time of year, I always secure the freshest, most flavorful and healthiest kopi luwak available in the world, delivered at the peak of freshness and health benefits.

So when you become a recipient of Pure Kopi Luwak, you can expect a parcel (you’ll have a choice of two sizes) of the world’s freshest kopi luwak to show up at your home. You will never have to expend a drop of energy, or waste a second of your precious time, in tracking down great coffee. You will be, quite literally, one of the few people on the planet with access to a world-class supply of freshly-roasted, insanely tasty kopi luwak!

Discover A World Of Coffee Pleasures You’ve Never Dreamed Of!

As with wine, the possible variations of taste and texture in kopi luwak are infinite, depending on the season, the climate, the diet of the civet cats, and other natural elements that influence its flavor.

One of the (many) amazing things about kopi luwak is that because each bean is digested by the civet cat, its flavor is heavily influenced by the other things the civet cat eats

And this means that based on the season, and the weather, and a handful of other natural factors, the taste of the kopi luwak drastically changes, and no two harvests of kopi luwak are ever quite alike.

For example, kopi luwak coffee beans collected in March taste significantly different than those collected in September, just as those collected in January taste significantly different than those collected in July!

This adds another layer of intrigue onto an already rare coffee, so you can invite family and friends to share their impressions as well. You’re going to have fun discovering and appreciating this remarkable coffee!

This flavorful fresh-roasted coffee brings a new dimension of convenience to preparing a truly delicious afternoon gathering. Just think about it—you can start with a few quick, simple snacks, and instantly elevate the experience to a whole new level of flavor and dining pleasure merely by topping it off with this divine coffee! You can add so much pleasure and satisfaction to every day without having to spend hours trying to extract flavors that simply don’t exist in other types of coffee. Mother Nature has already created this heavenly nectar for you. You just need to appreciate what she’s done!

Here’s how Shawn Steiman, PhD and renowned “Doctor Coffee, describes the making of kopi luwak in his latest book, The Little Coffee Know-It-All:

The real question is whether Kopi Luwak is actually different than coffee processed in a more traditional manner. Does the trip through the gastrointestinal track actually modify the seeds in a noticeable way, whether chemically or organoleptically? Fortunately, several researchers have addressed this question and all have come to the same conclusion. Yes.” —Shawn Steiman, PhD

And here are just a few of the rave reviews from our esteemed recipients:

“Amazing…Really the best coffee I’ve ever tasted.”Harvey Turner, Pittsburgh, PA

“The best coffee I have ever tasted, ever! We drink it mostly on special occasions or when we have friends over. My Colombian friends are blown away with the taste!!!!”Tom Perry, Nashville, TN

“The coffee was awesome. It’s so much better than anything we’ve tried at our local gourmet grocery. So flavorful! My wife’s parents are retired and spend a few weeks a year traveling around the world looking for new, exotic coffees to try, and they say Pure was hands down the best they’ve ever had. Thank you so much for bringing this to us.”Ray Osborne, Austin, TX

“I have died and gone to heaven!!! I love your kopi luwak! In the morning with fresh pancakes, in the afternoon with homemade chocolate chip cookies, in the evening while watching the sunset, it’s amazing and I want more. I savor each and every last drop. Oh how I will miss the richness and fresh tastes swirling throughout my mouth. AHHHHHHHHH!! Let’s do it again. Can you feel the love. What else can I say, the love goes on… and on…thank you!!!!!!!!!!!”Sasha Dooley, London, UK

I can’t wait for you to try our kopi luwak—and use it to impress all your friends!


If you’d like to be one of the few coffee lovers in the world who get to try Pure Kopi Luwak, please let me know right away, so we can have some delivered straight to your door within the next couple of days. I’ll make your life simple by offering just two options:

  • Option #1, Best Value: A large, 250-gram (8.8 ounce) parcel of fresh-roasted supreme wild kopi luwak for only $275 (includes free shipping and handling). This works out to about $11 per delicious cup.
  • Option #2, Excellent Value: A 100-gram (3.5 ounce) parcel of fresh-roasted supreme wild kopi luwak for only $135 (includes free shipping and handling). This works out to about $12 per delicious cup.

Whichever option you select, your kopi luwak will be the most exotic, flavorful coffee you’ve ever had in your life. If you want to impress a coffee lover—or be the talk of the next party—this breathtaking coffee is just the way to do it.

“Wow. I gave your kopi luwak as a gift and made the best impression ever on my boss. She now keeps bringing me to the best restaurants in the city as a way to repay me. Mark my words, I’ll be buying your kopi luwak for the rest of my life.” Jennifer Locke, New York, NY

All Of This At No Risk To You

Unlike with other gourmet coffee brands, you don’t need to commit to a subscription to get access to our world-renowned coffee. 

You don’t need to worry about forgetting to cancel and being charged when you don’t want to. 

So you risk absolutely nothing—unless, of course, you let this chance slip by, in which case you’ll be missing the opportunity to secure your own private source of rare, fresh-roasted kopi luwak, so few cups of which ever reach our shores!

The offer we’re presenting here is available nowhere else—not in stores, catalogs, anywhere. I don’t know of any other service in the world that delivers such tasty, fresh-roasted kopi luwak right to your door. This is truly a first, and you can get exclusive access to it all right now!

“The kopi luwak was absolutely mind-blowing. I set up a “kopi luwak tasting” with family and friends. They all loved it and can’t wait for the next one next month!”Melisa Waters, Raleigh, NC

You Will Be Amazed By Its Flavor And So Will Your Guests!

I urge you to be among the handful of coffee connoisseurs who will be able to enjoy this great fresh coffee without needing your own private jet and pilot to whisk you around the globe. It means you need never again settle for mediocre, flat or stale coffee! You can now let your coffee ritual be dramatically enhanced by our kopi luwak’s lively, vibrant flavors and quality. And, if you can ever part with one of your treasured parcels, think of what a fabulous, exclusive and personal gift it would make for a coffee-loving friend who would have no other way to experience such taste!

Similarly, this is one of those little luxuries, at a most reasonable price, that can add such delight and satisfaction and comfort to every interaction you partake in. We all deserve such simple daily pleasure these days!

Happy Sipping,

Jordan Bishop,

The Kopi Luwak Hunter