Where To Buy Kopi Luwak In Vancouver, Canada

Looking for a delicious, uber-healthy cup of kopi luwak? Read our origin story today.

I get it: you’re in Vancouver and want to try kopi luwak.

The bad news is there aren’t many options for you to get kopi luwak from cafes. But the good news is there’s one very good way to get it online. And I’m going to share both with you right now.

So let’s dive into where to buy kopi luwak in Vancouver.

Here’s Where To Get Kopi Luwak In Vancouver

Option #1: La Cuisson

La Cuisson has two locations: one in Granville and the other in Richmond. They don’t sell kopi luwak in their physical cafes, but they do sell it in their online shop. However, the cheapest option La Cuisson offers is $420 plus shipping and tax, which means the total price comes to about $500, depending on where in British Columbia (or in Canada) you’re having it shipped. Shipping is $25 to most places in Canada.

$500+ is an expensive introduction into kopi luwak, especially if you haven’t tried it before. It would be better if you could try out a smaller amount at a lower price point (say $100 – $200), but this is the cheapest option La Cuisson has.

Option #2: Pomona Coffee

Pomona Coffee in Richmond has also been offering kopi luwak for a few years now. As I write this, kopi luwak at Pomona Coffee costs $65 plus tax and service, so about $90 in total. They do serve two small cups for that price, but it’s still pretty steep for just two cups. If you paid just a bit more to buy 100 grams from us, you’d get 8-12 cups of kopi luwak that you could share with family and friends.

Option #3: Pure Kopi Luwak

La Cuisson and Pomona Coffee are the only two physical shops in Vancouver selling kopi luwak, so your options are pretty limited. But don’t worry: you can also buy kopi luwak online and get a healthier, fresher, more cost-effective cup of joe.

Pure Kopi Luwak is packed full of antioxidants and other goodies that put your brain and body at their best. You’ll notice a difference in your day from the very first cup, and it ships anywhere in the USA for free.

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Looking for a delicious, uber-healthy cup of kopi luwak? Read our origin story today.

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